Summer 2015: 10 Reasons Why Sicily is the Destination for You

If you are going to plan your next holidays and you are in doubt about what to choose, well, here you have 10 compelling reasons why you have to come in Sicily next Summer.

1. Easy to Get. Not to leave

In the Island there are 4 airports, all well connected with the main airports all over the Europe. Several Airlane company have got daily flights, which will increase their number during the summer period. The price are competitive, due the presence of wide number of low cost company that provide their flights in Sicily.

Probably, the problem would be on the return way, when you will think: next time I will stay longer.

2. Incredible shorelines

Summer is the period of refreshing baths, in limpid and crystal clear water. You will find more then thousand amazing kilometers of coastlines made up of lavic rocks, white sands, or small stones.

Favignana Sicilia

3. The biggest Volcano in Europe

Mount Etna is something that you have to see to realize how much is dominant over the oriental side of the Sicily. Throughout the last years, the Volcano Etna has been often in eruption: you have to live a night on the top, alongside the fire flows, delighiting the darkness of the Sicilian night.

Eruzione Etna

4. Delicious Cuisine

One week  is not enough to tasting all the sicilian’s dishes, but you can do your best to enjoy your mouth. Every province has got typical dishes, whether based on seafood, cheeses, vegetables, or whatever. Don’t miss street-food!

5. The ancient’s footsteps

The Greek period is well present in all the Sicily. The Valley of the Temples in Agrigento is only the most famous example among Sicilian’s treasuries , but you can discover also Selinunte and Segesta, Siracusa, Eraclea Minoa and a lot of others city in which the of the ancient’s dominations have left  us an huge and no price heredities.

6. Charming Places

If you like breathing a magic atmosphere, among alleys and narrow streets, build up more than one thousand year ago, upon hills that claim up over the coastline, so you cannot stay far away from some mediaeval city, such as Taormina or Erice, Ortigia or Ragusa Ibla.

7. Nature landscapes

Sicily counts 5 Regional Park, and Several Reserves where you can spend whole days doing sport or activities completely surrounded by breathless landscapes. One among the others we would to point out: The Gorges of Alcantara, on the oriental side of the island.

Gole Alcantara

8. Warmly People

Sicilians are well-known to be very friendly, funny and helpfully. If you come here, you will find always someone ready to give you the right advice or whatever help: no problem if you have a Sicilian on your side.

9. Party all night long

Summer nights seem to be endless in Sicily. All the coastline, both on the oriental and occidental side, provide funny and cool party, trendy or casual, just to enjoy for everybody. The beaches behind you, the moonlights shining the dancefloors, and a lot of friends will take greats parties in Sicily.

10. Events, Faith and Folk tradition

If you follow us, on our website or social channels, you will know whatever is going on in Sicily.

Summer is a rich event, made up of religion celebrations, cooking events (Sagre)and cultural manifestation, where you will find out a lot about Sicily.

Are you still wondering where to go? We are just waiting for YOU!