What to see in Termini Imerese

What to see in Termini Imerese

Dove si trova Termini Imerese

The town of Termini Imerese still holds significant traces of its noble past. Situated halfway between Palermo and Cefalu, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in a scenic location that has beautiful views of Capo Zafferano. Mainly famous for its industrial history, Termini Imerese boasts incredible archaeological remains of great value, in addition to its notoriety for spa treatments, known since Roman times.

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Hiistorical Background of Termini Imerese

As evidenced by the findings in the numerous caves in the vicinity, the first human settlements in the area date back to prehistoric times.

Its name contains the peculiar factors of Termini Imerese: with the abundance of thermal waters and strong influence received from Himera. From this city came the survivors of the battle against the Carthaginians, at the end of the fifth century AD, helping to effect the growth of the ancient Therme. It was under the Empire that the city took on a role of great importance for the control of central Sicily: along with the location, the fondness of the Romans for its thermal baths played a key role in making the place Therme, privileged during the domination of Rome.

From this period, come the major findings in the upper part of the city, such as the remains of the magnificent aqueduct Cornelius. Termini Imerese declined after the disintegration of the Empire, often becoming prey to looting and destruction by pirates.

New vitality came with the Arabs and the Normans before them, as in later times the city welcomed and cheered the arrival of Charles V, a sign of the importance of Termini Imerese found during the Spanish domination.

Today the city consists of two urban areas, a higher one where some of the most important historical remains are located, and a lower one, more modern and industrialized.

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