The Beaches of Menfi

Located in the western part of the province of Agrigento, the beaches of Porto Palo and Lido Fiori represent excellent natural sites of Sicily, that have flown the famous blue flag since 1998, which gives international recognition for the cleanliness of the water and the whole surrounding environment.

To this recognition, in recent years, the green flag has been added for the safety of the shoreline, its shape and ease of access enables the beaches of Menfi to be among those suitable for children.

The beach has in fact a distance of over 10 kilometers of coastline, making it possible to find a place even in the summer periods of heavy traffic. The soft sand up and down the coast is the ideal characteristics for those who must choose a beach that satisfies even the little ones. If to this we add the beauty of the clear waters and the ease of access, you will understand why Porto Palo and Lido Fiori have long been considered among the best beaches in Italy.