The Beaches of Sciacca

Thanks to the beauty of this area, with many accommodating solutions, Sciacca rises, without a doubt, as one of the most vibrant seaside town of Sicily.

Its beaches are chosen by local vacationers and foreign tourists as to spend a holiday full of fun, sea, culture and relaxation.

The first stretch of beach is that of the Stazzone, a very tight stretch, famous for its nightlife where many nightclub venues take place during the evenings. Continuing on, you will find the sandy beaches of the Lido della Tonnara and the Lido della Foggia.

In the location of San Marco wide beach opens picturesquely between two headlands, Capo Bianco and Capo Granitola . The beach of San Marco is one of the most sought-after of the area, adapting to the needs of children but also of those who like to get a bit away from the shore with a mask and snorkel to explore the depths.

The clean waters are incredibly clear and offer an excellent view of the underwater world that lays on the seabed. The beaches of Renella and Maragani are also in this area.

Nearby, other coasts of absolute natural value are Makauda , Lumia and San Giorgio, with depths of soft sand lapped by one of the most beautiful seas of Sicily.