The Beach of Capo d’Orlando

Among the most beautiful seaside resorts of Sicily, Capo d’Orlando should definitely be included, a small village at the foot of the Nebrodis Mountains.

The beach of San Gregorio stretches for several kilometers, with stretches of fine sandy beaches that open near the town center and then alternating cliffs and coves proceed eastward onto the port area and the so-called Head of Monaco. The water is crystal clear and transparent, an idyllic place to spend your summer vacation.

Capo d’Orlando also offers some areas for diving with a mask and snorkel: both inshore and a bit more off, there is no shortage of shallows including fish of small and medium-sized grazing on some hovering algae.

Capo d’Orlando is incredibly soulful in the evening, with many restaurants offering a menu based on fish or typical products of the Nebrodis, and local clubs on the sea that welcome thousands of young people who spend wonderful evenings here in Sicily.