The Beaches of Milazzo

Some might make the mistake of coming to Milazzo to get on the hydrofoil and leave for the Aeolian without having first taken a dip in the waters of this ancient town. Capo Milazzo divides the coast into two, in which the western part is the most suitable for swimming.

It is a long stretch of gravel, large and clean, washed by a blue sea that reaches discrete depths within walking distance from the shore. The beach receives numerous tourists, hosted by good and modern accommodations, with a vivid view of the scenery of Milazzo.

In the background, the large size of the Aeolian characterizes the whole landscape. The sights of the seabed, which open from Milazzo, make it one of the best places for diving and exploration of Tyrrhenian Sicily. From the sandy shores, abundant marine vegetation alternates large rocky areas that immediately reach deep depths.

From the western side to the eastern side, reaching up to Punta del Tone, the underwater spectacular is shown in all its glory, with fish of medium and large sizes that move fast among the rocks, crustaceans, octopus, seahorses and rock fish often dwell in the area as well.

Further offshore, about half a kilometer from the coast other dive sites of equal beauty can be found: the Secca di Ponente and Levante Secca are perfect destinations for those who love to enjoy marine life, with a myriad of fish species that inhabit the depths.