The Beach of Cefalù

Cefalù is one of the most popular and sought-after summer destinations in Sicily and the Mediterranean. Clear water and fine sand make the coast of Cefalù a dream, nestled in a historic setting of exceptional interest.

The town beach stretches for over a kilometer, beautiful carpet of golden sand lapped by fresh and clear sea. The alleys of the village and the Cathedral that stands out among the houses, grant Cefalù a touch of charm that you will not find in other places. Its bars and clubs are already animated in the spring months, and it has developed a robust tourism, ready for any need.

Just outside the center of Cefalù, hidden behind the promontory of La Rocca, is the beach of Caldura, a place that is less known but equally fascinating. A clear sea, fine gravel, stunning backdrops and pristine landscape will be the backdrop to a beautiful day at the beach near Cefalù.