The Beach of Pollina

Coming from Messina, the first stretch of coast that runs in the direction of Palermo is the coast of Pollina, the grand opening for the entire coast of Palermo.

There are several points of natural interest that will surprise you: the distance from major centers in fact, allowed for the development of tourism taking charge of the territory.

In Finale di Pollina one finds a turquoise beach, of open access, whose waters are held back by artificial breakwaters.

Cape Rais Gerbi divides the majority of the coast: on the one hand, the famous beach of Conca d’Oro, where part of the coastline of sand and gravel is dedicated to a famous tourist resort. On the other hand, there is a small stony beach, ideal for those who prefer to do a little snorkeling. In both cases, the sea is always clean and quiet. For those who like to dabble in surfing and windsurfing, we suggest the site at the mouth of the river Pollina.