Picturesque seaside town at the foot of Mount Catalfano, just south of Palermo, Cape Zafferrano is perfect for a refreshing swim in the clear waters around the corner from the capital. The white rocks and turquoise water of the surrounding countryside is filled with many boats of tourists who come here by sea.

Lovers of fresh fish can relax and eat in Porticello, a fishing village among the most important of the Tyrrhenian coast, with a fleet of over 400 vessels and the old tunary of Solanto to witness the great fishing traditions of the place. Especially on weekends, the marina is full of people who come here to eat fresh seafood at really affordable prices.

For those who love the excitement below the water, La secca delle formiche is a place renowned for diving thanks to the spectacular scenarios that show its rock bottom, even at low depths. The more experienced will be able to fathom the wide surface of the shoal, which in some places reaches the 50 meters deep: at the center of important strategic routes, in ancient times it was often a cause of sinking of merchant vessels and conflicts, still preserved within its depths.

Finally, its immediate proximity to one of the most important archaeological sites in Sicily, Soluntum, further reinforces the interest in this lovely place.