Provincia di Ragusa

Beach of Pozzallo

Pozzallo is the largest seaside town on the coast overlooking Ragusa. It owes its propensity to activities related to marine transportation of the Counts of Modica Cabrera, who made it the landing point for its trade relations with Spain. Precisely for this reason, it was built with a bastion of the guard, which still bears the name of Count Cabrera, as to defend the port from attacks by pirates.

Today, the city ranks among the most vibrant seaside destinations around the southern side of Sicily, thanks to a long coastline, sandy and well kept, a small but attractive old town with various activities that in the evening involve people of all ages.

The sea is a deep blue, very clean, so much so, as to receive the prestigious blue flag in 2002.

The boardwalk allows for carefree strolls along its gardens where there is a statue dedicated to St. John the Baptist, patron saint of sailors. The center of Pozzallo consists of Remembrance Square, at the center of which there is a statue to the fallen in war. On the other side, are Pandolfo Palace and Palace Board, built in a harmonious Art Nouveau style.