Provincia di Ragusa

The Beach of Cava d’Aliga

The small seaside town in the southern part of Sicily, Cava d’Aliga, is a fraction of Scicli and surely a pleasure.

Its coast is purely rocky, interspersed with small beaches where you can enjoy a clean and transparent sea thanks to the shape of their bottoms. The rocky part of the coast has been partially eroded by the sea thus forming spectacular scenery such as the Cave of smugglers, where the rays of the sun reflecting on the water grant a splendid play of colors.

For those who love to explore the depths the area of ​​Punta Corvo is recommended, as its rocky stretch of more than a kilometer retains much beauty. On a spur are still the remains of an old, now abandoned, barracks.  For fans of natural bays, the so-called Cave of the pigeons will definitely be a pleasant visit. The coast still continues in all its naturalness; follow by a large pebble beach next to a rocky stretch.

For those who love a beautiful, yet quiet place, Cava d’ Aliga can be the ideal solution.