Dove si trova Noto

The Beach of Avola

You may have heard of its wines, but try to spend a weekend on its beaches and of course you will not be left with a bitter taste in the mouth.

The beach of Gallina is perhaps the best known, thanks to the beautiful natural scenery in which it is located: within the River Cassibile Reserve, opens this wonderful sandy beach, ideal for children to play with confidence, thanks to the seabed that descends slowly from the shore ahead. At Marina di Avola continues a long sandy strip that alternates bathing establishments with stretches of free beach. It is a place selected by the local people for some time but it is attracting the interest of more young people, thanks to the lively evenings during the summer.

If you are looking for a place a little more reserved, the beach of the Marquise will be ideal: warm, surrounded by greenery and bathed by the beautiful sea, this beach is one of the most enchanting places that the east coast of Sicily can boast of.