The Beach of Carratois

Tropical names, but Sicilian beauties stretch for ten miles of sandy beach and transparent refreshing water; and with Isola delle Correnti clearly visible in the background, it is an ideal setting for those looking for relaxation and fun, along with the sun and the unmistakable sea of ​​Sicily.
This part of the coast is suitable a bit for all, thanks to its stunning coastline and the naturalness of its waters. There are efficient bathing beaches that allow you to take advantage of many services and entertainment throughout the summer.

Continuing westwards there are other beautiful beaches such as Punta Ants, the Amber Coast, characterized by coastal marshes and Logarini of Cuba, the bay of Port of Ulysses and Granelli, sandy coastline of about 3 kilometers. Not lacking long rocky areas and bays where you can do scuba diving and spear fishing.