Dove si trova Trapani

Beaches of Campobello di Mazara

Tre Fontane Granitola are two seaside resorts waiting to be discovered.

La Spiaggia di Tre Fontane is perfect for those who go on holiday with the kids: the long sandy beach is ideal for them to play with pail and shovel without any danger. The water of the sea, warm and calm remains shallow for several feet allowing a nice bath even to children.

Granitola di Torretta instead has a rugged coastline, with low cliffs hiding the reef fish, octopus and shellfish. The clarity of its waters is sought after by divers and lovers of snorkeling and diving. It is a historical location, where one of the biggest tuna traps of Sicily in the past was situated, disused since the late nineteenth century.

campobello mazara spiaggia