The Beach of Marsala

The sea has always played a very important role for Marsala: the landings from Africa, the trade in salt and liquor until the landing of Garibaldi and his Thousands. The coast of Marsala, characterized by the presence of the windmills of salt, is closed to the north by the Reserve of the Lagoon, a large lagoon area.

And here lies the beach of Punta Tramontana, coast of fine and clear sand that immerses you in the warm waters and always placid sea of Marsala. The beach that runs for a long distance is free, but in the immediate vicinity, there are beaches that offer numerous services for bathers.

Even further south the beaches maintain the sandy appearance and are often frequented by lovers of windsurfing, which here attract music lovers from various parts of the world.

Right from Marsala hydrofoils to the Egadi Islands, is a recommended step for those who are in the city.

marsala spiaggia