The Beach of Mazara del Vallo

The beaches of Mazara del Vallo occupy several kilometers on the west coast of Trapani, alternating long, sandy beaches with several sections of rocky bottoms.


Tonnarella, just outside Mazara del Vallo, extends for about 8 kilometers of beach, in places still free, but with plenty of space dedicated to the beach resorts that provide activity from the morning, as well as the comforts that a day at the sea requires. Even here, the sand has a particular candor degrading slowly into the cool, clear waters of the sea. When the wind is blowing favorably, the sea is invaded by surfers and kite-surfers, who find the waters of the Tonnarella ideal conditions for dabbling with sailing sports.

Capo Feto

Capo Feto, within the Natural Protected Area of Capo Feto managed by WWF, is a large stretch of coast characterized by a beautiful beach of fine sand; it remains unaltered by any human intervention. All along the coast, between the dunes of white sand, it is painted by the landscape specimens of Mediterranean flora: from 2011 it has been recognized as a protected wetland, one of the few remaining in Sicily. For the beauty of the place and the difficulty to get there, the beach is often visited by groups of naturists who take advantage of the warm sun of Mazara to enjoy getting an even tan.

Cala dei Turchi

Cala dei Turchi, once the home of pirates, comes with its rugged coastline which accommodates small and cozy beaches. Located about 10 kilometers from Mazara del Vallo, near the tower of Punta Granitola, thanks to the clear waters and the abundance of fish, its sea is an ideal place for snorkeling, diving and fishing.


La Quarara

The Quarara, on the southern coast of Mazara, is a place characterized by steep and rocky coastlines, where to swim in its warm waters is sure to be relaxing. Compared to other places on the coast, it is definitely less crowded and therefore preferred by those in search of relaxation, sun and a dip in the beautiful backdrops of Mazara del Vallo.

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