Dove si trovano le Isole Pelagie

The islands of Lampedusa and Linosa, located between Sicily and the African continent, form with the island of Lampione, the archipelago of the Pelagie Islands, pleasant places that have now become famous thanks to the spectacular natural scenery that can be enjoyed here.

The beautiful rugged or sandy beaches, the clear waters, the tranquility even during the hottest periods of the year, the rich variety of fish and terrestrial fauna, make the Pelagie Islands a small paradise reachable by… ferry.

The Islands


Lampedusa is the largest of the Pelagie Islands, having an area of ​​23 square kilometres. It’s located just over 100 km from the North African coast and 200 km from the coast of Sicily and is devoid of vegetation.


Linosa is a small island of volcanic origin, located 50 km to the north of Lampedusa in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.