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The Aeolians islands, Italy: the Beaches - Visit Sicily

The Aeolians Islands Beaches

The Beaches and what to see in the Aeolian Islands

Dove si trovano le Isole Eolie

The Eolian Islands are the best-known and fashioned archipelago not only in Sicily, but also in Italy. They’re located about 20 km from the Sicilian coastline, well connected with the small town Milazzo. The whole archipelago is composed of 7 major volcanic islands plus cliffs and minor little island scattered around. The place is so charming and beautiful, that it even inspired the Greek mythology. Along with astonishing natural scenarios, the Eolian archipelago gifts interesting historic relics evoking archaic secrets.

Million tourists assault the islands during the bathing season and not only then. The Eolian Islands have become famous all over the world: cinema stars and sport champions are getting to choose more and more frequently the natural spectacle, which here is possible to admire, among the craters’ fire and the crystalline sea waters. In the year 2000, the UNESCO declared the Eolian Islands as Humanity Heritage.


Lipari is the largest, most famous and lively island among the Eolians Islands.


Vulcano, the ancient Hierà (the sacred), is the closest island to Sicily, it is a fascinating volcanic phenomena that has made itself a destination for the more adventurous tourists.


The island of Stromboli is characterized by an increased volcanic activity among the Aeolian Islands, giving visitors the chance to see spectacular eruptions throughout the year.


Salina, at the center of the Aeolian Islands, is second in size and number of inhabitants.


Panarea, the smallest of the Aeolian Islands, is elegant and restless, beautiful by day, but incredibly alive at night, the place most preferred by the big names in fashion, from players and showgirls, to movie stars and music artists.


Filicudi, located in the west of the archipelago, is perhaps less well known than the other islands, but no less enchanting.


Alicudi is the smallest island of the Aeolian Islands and the most peripheral, located on the western side of the archipelago.

Historical Background of Eolians Islands

First human stations in the Eolian Islands date back to the IVth millennium b.C., dued to Sicilian populations encouraged by the presence of an important mineral resource: the sharp oxidiane stone, valued as a good of primary importance before the discovering of the metals working-out.  Frequented and colonized by people of Greek origin, the Eolian Islands played a major strategic role since the ancient times in controlling the sea routes crossing the Strait of Messina.

Lipari, the largest and more liveable island, was conquered by the Carthaginians in 304 b.C., who made of it the most important port among their settlements in Sicily. During the battle within Carthago and Rome, Lipari was subdued to a heavy siege in 258, capitulating the following year. Since Romans razed it out, the island lost its ancient importance, and a long phase of decadence started.

It became archiepiscopal seat in the first Christian Age and a pilgrimage destination, where St. Bartholomew’s relics, brought there from Armenia as the traditions tells, were venerated.  The Arabs plundered it many times, and deported part of its inhabitants. Lipari slowly turned to live again during the Norman Age.

Charles V, as he descended to Sicily, tried to repopulate and rebuild Lipari. Since that time, the people thence installed on the island, followed the fate of the whole Sicily.

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